Road freight

The Solutions we Offer for Road Freight:
  • Full Truckload (FTL) – STM Group will provide you with any number of heavy compositions for your transport needs. We can send a vehicle to any destination in Europe for your complete load.
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL) – Our strategic partnerships with international transport companies, provided with all required licenses, form the full groupage network, which evolves constantly. We assure faster and more secured deliveries with everyday availability and guaranteed capacity.
  • Oversize Freight – Our massive experience in the field of oversize freight consignments is what makes us able to provide secure, innovative and individual transport solutions for all the dimensions and routings there are, guaranteeing you best quality.
  • Express deliveries – In the modern world time is significant economy factor and as we do understand the importance of time management. You can depend on us to meet your professional and personal time frames. Assured loading in a matter of hours with direct unloading on delivery address. Scheduled departures and deliveries. We dedicate to load and unload the goods in a time frame set by you, which will boost the profits for your clients and optimize the whole supply chain.
  • Dangerous goods shipments – Our team of experts in the field of ADR goods will provide optimal solutions for your specific needs and requires. When working with ADR cargo security is an absolute must. We strictly follow all the instructions so we can prevent accidents and inaccurate handling of the goods. The vehicles are equipped in compliance with the requirements of European regulations.
  • Transportation of temperature controlled goods – We guarantee express transportation and capacity for your temperature sensitive goods, following strict regulations throughout the whole process.