We will guarantee quality and capacity for your oversized loads and specialized shipments!
Strict safety and insurance standards of choosing carriers, reducing the risk of late or damaged deliveries!

STM GROUP LTD offers professional assistance with international transportation of oversized and project cargo. We provide custom solutions for large haul shipments and manage all aspects of your freight, including handling of all equipment requirements to meet regulatory compliance, both domestic and international.

Our long-term experienced partners can transport loads of any size, shape and weight. We are specialized in transporting oversize and overweight loads construction equipment (bridge beams, industrial-sized generators, windmill propellers, rocket stages), heavy machinery, full-sized tractor combines, tanks and many others large and heavy loads.

Trailers we offer:
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer
  • Step Deck Trailer
  • Standard Flatbed
  • Flatbed Stretch
  • Multi-Axle Trailer
  • Lowboy (Double Drop) Trailer

STM Group LTD will consult your company to plot out every detail of your specialized or over dimensional shipments.

We will help you with:
  • Special Equipment Required For Oversize Loads Transportation
  • Load/ Unload Planning
  • Best Route Selection
  • All The Necessary Permits
  • Load Convoy
  • GPS Tracking

STM Group LTD understands important tasks like securing police escorts, designing routes, evaluating road hazards, surveying bridges and more. We are involved in every step of the process with our carriers that have the right equipment and experience.
Let our logistics professionals take care for your next oversize project!