We handle with care and prevention in every stage of the transport process!

We are aware of having an extra responsibility, when doing temperature controlled transport, that is why we rely on experienced professionals  skilled in this specific service. Our dedicated team is able to provide you comprehensive solutions when it comes to frigo and thermo loads.

Depending on the type of the goods, the focus is on the strict and relevant requirements and delivery time. Our team has an extensive background with all kind of products that require special and certain temperature - frozen, chilled, dairy and meat products, perishable food, pharmaceuticals.

We can provide full cold chain solutions, including warehousing, city distribution and last but not least "just in time delivery". We offer a wide variety of trailers, with all the necessary certifications - ATP, FRC, GDP.

Our main destinations are:
  • Greece – All Europe - Greece
  • Bulgaria – All Europe - Bulgaria
  • Romania – All Europe - Romania

In addition, we could assure also:
  • Dual temperature solutions
  • Express deliveries with 2 drivers
  • Partial temperature controlled loads from/to Sofia. 

Let our logistics professionals take care for your next frigo transports!