Why did I choose STM Group – ‘When I was a part of the so called “big speditions” I would often find myself wondering how it was possible for these companies to persistently ignore the needs and talents of those who organise the transport. In this industry you can find amazing experts who want to work hard and are really capable, but companies keep suffocating them with the well-known shabby motto “push the clients for requests, push the carriers for prices, fear the management and most of all make sure we don’t take any risks.” The vision of STM is the absolute opposite – it stands up to that anachronism and matches my own vision – be as useful as possible to people who rely on you with their freight, let the capable colleagues of yours contribute freely for this ultimate goal. If you look in the same direction and want to make a career in logistics, STM Group is the company for you. No doubt about it.’

Why join us?
  • To be part of a whole new approach in the industry!
  • To make a difference and not be forced to change yourself!
  • To be part of a team of people who will become your friends!
  • To get the fair reward that corresponds to your work!